XL Standard Cutting Pad (Fits retired XL LetterMachine)

Item # 15463


Getting the best cutting performance from your retired XL LetterMachine can be as simple as changing the XL Standard Cutting Pad. Even when routinely turned over for even wear on both sides, Cutting Pads need replacement generally after 4-6 months, or sooner if used extensively. Such a small investment can make a huge improvement in the cutting performance of your machine! Don’t forget: it’s not the dies getting dull, it’s the Cutting Pad becoming worn.

Instructions: Download PDF

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Fits retired XL LetterMachine. Screws down or works with Quick Change Pins.

Measures 9 13/16" x 8 7/16"

Click on the link below to view instruction sheet.

XL LetterMachine Standard Cutting Pad

XL LetterMachine Instruction Booklet

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